Kevin Boucher Coaching Client Testimonial When Kevin and I began our work together, I was aware of a clear pattern of self-sabotage with respect to my business. Over the course of our coaching, Kevin helped me develop the ability to look at challenges through a lens of curiosity rather than judgment. By looking at problems from that perspective, I was able to see how my judgments were undermining my confidence and distorting the truths about my business, abilities, and relationships The thing that I found most valuable about Kevin’s coaching was his ability to enable me to see the value in myself as an entrepreneur. Kevin is empathetic, funny and real. My coaching with him has truly been the turning point in my personal development journey. Thanks so much, Kevin!!

Lisa - Client

It was suggested that I signed up For coaching with KEVIN. I never really understood what coaching meant or what I would even need coaching on when I met with Kevin I was really struggling with wanting to live an authentic life. I wanted to show up for myself and my family . I wanted to stop judging myself and create A healthy version of who I knew I could be deep down in the inside. Although, he would disagree and give the credit right back to me I accredited Kevin for every single positive step I took forward in my life. It is because of KEVIN’s determination and complete dedication to my journey that I walked my first 5K today and signed up for four days of personal training and completely got my eating under control. I now know that I am worthy of taking up space and that I deserve love and respect and that there is nothing I can’t do if I approach it with a sense of curiosity and a mastership attitude. KEVIN has completely completely invigorated my lust for life . I owe him so much more than just gratitude! The universe has gifted his patience and knowledge to me . I will forever be thankful that I am lucky enough to say KEVIN is my coach !

Isabel - Client

I would highly recommend coaching with Kevin. He is outstanding. In the short amount of time, we have worked together, he has helped me enormously with issues that have been with me for a long time that affected me personally and with my business. I didn’t even realize how deep they were and he was able to help me see them and help me find a solution through his guidance and knowledge. He is a great listener and has helped me put things in perspective. If you are looking for business or personal coaching, give Kevin a call. He is awesome!!!

Helen - Client